Company Information

Kathy's Kreations was founded in 1983 in Phoenix, Arizona by K. Dryer and is known for realistic animals, authentically detailed in a unique collection of American Made stuffed animals. They stand out from other manufacturers of plush animals because it's product line specializes in distinctively original designs using a blend of art and realism.  A collection that has come to be referred to as "Soft Sculptures", due to its artistic detail and workmanship. Through the use of air brushing and clipping, the Designer Collection of animals has even more attention to detail than is normally found in stuffed animals... even the eyes are shaped and hand dyed to capture the "soul" of  the animal. Kathy's Kreations animals have an authentic, aesthetically pleasing look that set them apart from other plush animals. Kathy's Kreations is committed to increasing its product line and creating even more realistic wildlife for everyone to enjoy.

Along with our ever popular "realistic wildlife", Kathy's Kreations has embarked upon developing a full line of domestic animals as well as many other uniquely handcrafted items such as pillows, golf club covers, bearskin rugs, trophy mounts, etc.(see below).

With clients such as: Smithsonian Institute, Universal Studios, Carnegie Museum, Coldwater Creek, National Buffalo Museum, Department of the Interior, Texas Parks & Wildlife, Arizona Highways Magazine, United Parcel service (UPS), GTE, etc., Kathy's Kreations exquisite line of beautifully handcrafted animals amaze the young and old alike.

Kathy's Kreations expanding product line.
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 Domestic Animals

 - Stuffed animals:   Dogs, Cats, etc.

 Youth Store

 - Children's items, bedroom accessories, etc.

  Home Accents

 - Bear skin rugs, trophy mounts, s/w  items, etc.

 Farm / Ranch

 - Horses, cattle, donkey, pigs, interior accents, etc.