Biography of Kathy's Kreations

- Stuffed animals designed and made in America-

Kathy started as an artist doing paintings, ceramics, and jewelry. But after her son was born Kathy started making stuffed animals for him. That led to craft shows, and wholesale to stores. A hobby turned out to be a manufacturing company that competed with large national stuffed animal companies. Even then Kathy always pushed for realism in the animals that she designed. After the age of the imported stuffed animal. Kathy has evolved back into the artist again hand making each of the 200 animal designs in her collection. No other person has been able to visualize the real animal’s soul in the design. Now she works with advertising agencies, TV and movie studios to do there stunt doubles and stand ins They have been in play even on Broadway. But also does custom work for people who just want a image of their best friend.

Kathy’s personal goal is always strive for the Ultimate realism’’


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