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Kathy - Designer and Owner

Kathy started her career as an artist working in ceramics, jewelry, and painting. Soon after her son was born, Kathy began making stuffed animals for him. She then started selling her stuffed animals at craft shows, and eventually selling wholesale to stores.


Her hobby turned into a manufacturing company that competed with large national stuffed animal companies. Her designs were unique due to her attention to detail and her strive for realism. For each design, she extensively researches each animal to make the design as true to the real form as possible.


Kathy’s animals have been used in TV shows, the movies, and even plays on Broadway. But the most gratifying thing for her is to create stuffed animals for grieving people who have lost their best four legged friend. She is told time and again about how her dogs have helped the grieving process.


Made to order, stuffed dogs designed and made in America



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