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Order your own artist made realistic dog

One-of-a-kind stuffed sculptural dogs created from photographs of your dog.

Since all custom dogs are different sizes, made with different furs and have unique details, I cannot give a set making price.

If you would like an estimate, please email me pictures of your dog and a description of your dog. I can see if I have the fur available to make your dog, and let you know how much it will cost.


Designs will usually take a week or two before shipping. I ship to most countries by US mail, email me for shipping rates.


Due to the custom cost of each order, there is no shopping cart. Orders can be placed online and paid with a Paypal account.


Dogs are not returnable for credit or refund due to their custom nature, unless there is a defect.


My Dogs are soft sculptures and are not meant as toys for small children.


Payment info: We accept credit card or PayPal, including PayPal payment plan.


Email me to place an order at or place an order by phone: 602-547-8760


Made to order, stuffed dogs designed and made in America



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